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We purchased this car in May of 2000 and what a mess it was.  We would find out later on that this was not the easiest car to restore since the original condition left much to be desired.  These are the pictures of the paint in progress.


October 25, 2002

Our first look at the paint color on our Packard.  It took us totally by surprise because it looked sun yellow in the paint booth without even a touch of orange like we had talked about.

Needless to say, we were a little disappointed until we were able to see the fender outside in the sun.  WOW!!  This is exactly the color we wanted the car to be.

The paint shop we chose is Dream Works Custom Cars in Anderson, CA.  Sonny did the body work and said Tom and Steve are the best.

The colors we picked were PPG# 84029 2000 Mercedes Benz Kompressor Sunburst Yellow and PPG# 5061 2001 Ford Truck Ultra White. 

The car is going to have a faux chrome strip painted on it that is similar to a '52 Buick.


We were able to get a look at the white.  Tom and Steve put a coat of gold pearl over it.  This car is going to glow.

The car is having the graphics applied to it.

 This is the first try at the custom chrome strip to separate the yellow and the white.

The chrome design was suggested by Sonny.  He knew that the chrome on the side of a '52 Buick this car could use.

The amazing thing about the way the paint and the chrome strip turned out is that even though Sonny had drawn the design on paper, nobody had ever seen it at the paint shop.

We took the drawing with us and showed it to everyone and the everything was exactly as we had wanted.  You could hear a sigh of relief from everybody involved.


January 10, 2003

We originally talked about painting the entire car one color, yellow.  We realized before we made that mistake that the car would look like a bus or taxi cab.


The chrome strip ended up being painted over several times by different artists until Sonny was happy with the results.

Even though the paint process isn't through, the chrome strip already looks three dimensional.  Too bad it will have to be done over again a couple of times until it looks perfect.

The exterior paint is done and the chrome strip looks great!
July 12, 2003

Here is a picture of the look we were trying to capture with the chrome strip.

Here are some shots of the car out in the sun.  

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