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We purchased this car in May of 2000 and what a mess it was.  We would find out later on that this was not the easiest car to restore since the original condition left much to be desired.  These are the pictures of the the first day we saw the car and the work to get it home.


April 20, 2000 - Sunday

The ad said "1939 Packard 110 - No rust, 98% of parts complete, not running, $2000."

The car had been running up until 1991, then the guy who owned it couldn't get it to start. 

He took out the spark plugs and left them out.  The car was stored outside in Kings Beach ever since.

Things the ad didn't say... Roof caved in due to too much snow on top of it... 

Interior completely covered in mold (obviously got wet at one time)...


Squirrels camped in car (full of pine cones and holes in upholstery)...

Car sitting on ground, tires have been flat forever...

We thought the car definitely has the potential to be restored. 

It looks like the car was originally dark blue with a tan interior.

Now we have to think about where to get some tires and a trailer to get this thing home.





















May 7, 2000 -     Sunday


We found some tires and we're going to try to tow this car on our old snowmobile trailer. 

It should fit perfectly, we just don't know how well it will tow.

It took a few hours to get the tires on and then to get the car on the trailer

It didn't fit exactly the way we had planned, but we got it on.


Heading back to Reno, the car towed remarkably well.

The worst part of the drive was Brockway Summit. 

We went pretty slow down the hill, but didn't have any problems at all.










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