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We purchased this car in May of 2000 and what a mess it was.  We would find out later on that this was not the easiest car to restore since the original condition left much to be desired.   These are the pictures of the front end in progress.

January 20, 2003


We considered keeping the car 100% stock but we really want to have a daily driver.  So we are making some minor modifications. 

This is the new frame rails and Mustang II cross-member.

Sonny made a front end jig to locate the new frame rails properly.


Front cross-member with modified radiator support.  The radiator lower tank is reshaped for a trans cooler and increased capacity.




Motor mounts for 1995 Camaro LT-1 and   4L-60E transmission.






This is a Super Slam Mustang II Front End by Scott's Hotrods N Customs, Inc. in Ventura, CA.




Air suspension all around.

Here are pictures of the work Sonny did sealing up the firewall.

This is going to look alot cleaner than having all those holes in it.




February 4, 2003

Smoothed firewall.

The engine goes in.

















March 4, 2003








March 4, 2003














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