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We purchased this car in May of 2000 and what a mess it was.  We would find out later on that this was not the easiest car to restore since the original condition left much to be desired.  These are the pictures of the work involved in getting the car running and the fun we had driving around the neighborhood.


May 21, 2000 -   Sunday

The front end of this car is so cool.

We took off the head and found that the pistons look pretty good.


We're going to try to get the engine running without doing a complete rebuild.



The water pump is frozen, we're going to see if we can rebuild it or if it needs to be replaced.

By the end of the day we got the pistons free.

Looks like we'll be able to save the engine after all.

Time to start putting the engine back together and get the car started.




First, drain the water out of the oil pan (a half gallon). Second, drain the bad gas out of the tank (oh, what a smell).

Third,  put new plugs in.






Finally, clean out the interior so we can get inside.

Rick spent a lot of time cleaning all of the stuff out of this car. 

It looks pretty good now.










June 3, 2000 -   Saturday





Time to see if this car will run.  The engine is free and the battery is new.





The starter is way too slow to make the engine turn over.

We decided to hook it up to the van and pull start it.





Yeah!  We only pulled it about 50 feet and it started.

It runs pretty smooth considering it hasn't been running for the past nine years.



We drove it around the block a couple of times.

It's a good thing they don't do smog checks on old cars.




June 3, 2000 -   Saturday



The car ran great except for a little overheating.

Rick took the radiator out last week and got it cleaned. 






It was recommended that we also take the water distribution tube out and make sure that all of the holes are clean.

Nobody mentioned that there is a frame in the way, so Rick made a tool to jack up the engine.  The tube was perfectly clear. 









Time to put it back together and work on the body.


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