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We purchased this car in May of 2000 and what a mess it was.  We would find out later on that this was not the easiest car to restore since the original condition left much to be desired.  These are picture of the process of removing the paint and fixing the body.


June 17, 2000 -   Saturday

The roof is pretty damaged so we took the car down to the body shop and got an estimate.

After we got the estimate, we decided to try to fix it ourselves.

First Rick stripped off most of the paint with a grinder and a stripping scotch pad.




































Now to sandblast some of the tougher parts.



Naked!  It is spectacular.  You hardly notice the few dents the car still has.



August 6, 2000 -      Hot August Nights





We know it's not ready for show, but we had to drive it without any paint.. 

We threw sheets over the seats and went cruisin'.


Everyone said we were crazy, but it was so fun!

We put the car back in the garage and tried to do the body work ourselves.  Everything turned out great except for the roof.  The snow load had done a lot of damage and the metal was really stretched.

The car remained in the garage until August of 2002 when we met Sonny.  He purchased an old Kaiser we had for sale at Hot August Nights.  When he came to our house with to pick it up we showed him the car.

It wasn't until a couple of weeks later that we called him and made an appointment to take it to his shop in Cottonwood, California.  He did the bodywork in no time at all and it looked flawless.

We regret that we didn't take any photos during this time.  The next time we saw the car it was primered and ready for the paint shop.


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