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We love this event.  This car event has 5000 registered classic vehicles and probably at least that many who can't register for the event due to the 5000 vehicle cap. 

August 2, 2004

Cars that were parked over at the Atlantis Casino.

This is a beautiful boat tail Auburn.  This car has outstanding details and appears to be an original not a kit.







Over to the Peppermill where there are lots of cars and lots of people.  The live music featured "Elvis".






Isn't this the coolest grill you ever saw?

These wheels have the fake disc brake look.

This is one of the nicest interiors we have seen.


August 4, 2004


This car has a very similar side paint design as the Packard we are building.



We have been getting to the events after dark and the pictures are just not very good.  These flames are incredible and we had to put these pictures up.


August 5, 2004




We spent some time at the auction today and took just a few pictures

This 1929 Model A has a wild color scheme.





1936 Chevy Sedan


1939 Ford



1940 Buick Limited


1974 'Cuda with a 383


Cadillac Hood Ornament


August 7, 2004




1939 Coast To Coast





1937 Chevy with radio controls in the sun visor


This car has custom running board carpets

1957 Olds 98

1932 Nash











1955 Bel Air

1929 Stearns Knight

1941 Chevy Coupe

This has fake Cameo stainless trim painted on it.

1937 Terraplane




1937 Terraplane







1937 Ford Delivery Sedan





Cool new tail lights at the Big Boys Toy Store in Downtown




Real fire flames Semi Truck flame paint



2004 Hot August Nights Parade featured some very custom semi-trucks.












































































































































































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